Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Well rested and ready for what tomorrow holds

After an exciting night Davis spent the whole day sleeping things off. He is running a little fever so he's been put on antibiotics as a precaution until all of the lab work comes back.  They have already begun reducing his ventilator support again in hopes to remove the breathing tube again in the next few days.  He's taken a few punches but he's back up and ready to take on whatever tomorrow may hold. 


mregan1 said...

Hi Kelly and Cara, I just read all of your updates. You both sound so positive and Davis certainly feels your strength and love. You are right, he just needs a little more time to breath on his own. Heart babies are FIGHTERS!! He's just taking it one day at a time. God is watching over him. I and my whole family are praying for him. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you need any support. (((HEART HUGS))) Maureen

Adam M said...

Thanks for these updates, guys. We love you are thinking about you and Davis every second of the day. Adam and Brooke

Tiffany Ann Johns said...

Thinking of you all this morning and praying for Davis, the doctors and nurse, and you. What a precious baby for a sweet family! May you get many hugs and kisses in today.

Sunny said...

How did I miss this one??

I love this picture!! What a beautiful son you guys have....of course. Who would have expected anything less?! And after reading today's, I'm sooo happy his fever is down.

This little guy has been my inspiration lately. What a sweetheart.