Saturday, March 19, 2011

A 'Quiet' Saturday

It has been a quiet afternoon in the CICU with the exception of Davis.  He had to hold off on making sounds for his first seven days so he's now playing catch up.  Dad spent a mostly sleepless night with him trying to calm him down.  His feeding tube bypasses his stomach so he doesn't ever have that full belly feeling even though he is getting plenty of milk.  It also doesn't give his stomach much to do except give him some acid reflux.  So this combination keeps him on the fussy side of things.  Afternoons seem to be his quietest time so he is resting soundly in Mom's arms as I type.  A big plus of getting him off the ventilator is that we now have free reign over taking him on and off of his bed to be held.  Grandma and Grandpa got their first chance to hold him today, we didn't think we'd ever get him out of Grandma's arms but were able to pry him away to get some food in our bellies.  I can't blame her, he's tough to put down especially after having waited over a week to hold him.  He has really taken to the pacifier which is a great sign since some kids can have an oral aversion after being on breathing tubes.  He seems much happier to be spending time being held than in his small hospital bed, who could blame him.  The only plan for him today was to begin reducing his oxygen levels and let him show us what he can do.  So far so good!!

Some quiet time before going to 'sleep'

Grandma's (Nana) first go with him

He was crying most of the time we were gone for lunch, this is how we found him upon return.


Katharine said...

Hi, we have been reading Davis's blog everyday and are so happy to see how well he is doing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Katharine & Gaird Heldt

Anonymous said...

Nothing more soothing then being held and Davis has lots of loving arms around him. Peace to all of you on this “Quiet” day. John B.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Davis had a good day, glad to hear that nana and grandpa had a chance to hold him, saw the pictures and they were the best. Look forward to the updates everyday, Davis sure had come a long way since last week. God's love and blessing to all of you, and the prayers for Davis will continue. Dee

Sunny said...

He is soooo tiny! Wow. Such an amazing little boy. I love the picture with his Nana. So sweet! :)