Sunday, March 27, 2011

Quality time with the uncles

Davis is still working on ramping up his feeding times, but seems to waiver on how long he can perform. Babies with heart problems tend to use more energy for breathing/heart function, so feeding really wears him out sometimes. The nurse said that eating for him is equivalent to us going for a run...a big workout.  But in general he's making progress and has gained a little weight as of this morning, so we're feeling great about that.  Yesterday we had lots of visitors and both uncles (Zach and Jason) plus aunt Katie and grandma Kotas were able to hold Davis and spend some quality time with us.  Diana is still here and helping to keep Davis happy.  At this point, we're working on reading all the educational reading material and watching the safety videos that are required before discharge.  Today we will put Davis through the car seat challenge.  This is where he has to sit in the car seat for an hour while being monitored so they can be sure he is getting enough oxygen and breathing ok while sitting in that position over time.  There is still lots of talk about tomorrow being the day we get to go home, so we're pretty excited that today may be the last full day at the hospital and tomorrow night we may ALL be sleeping at home.  :)  Fingers are crossed.

being burped

Jason and Davis hanging out
Zach and Davis getting to know each other're crazy!

Aunt Katie and Davis


Randy said...

Truly a " a rocky mountain high in Colorado"!.
We love it not to mention loving ALL of you guys!!!!!!!

randy and of course Cathy

Margaret said...

The picwith Dad is priceless. Itlooks like Davis is saying, "I love you, Dad!" You can see the love and recognition inhis expression. Not to dis those handsome uncles, however. A.M.