Sunday, March 25, 2012

Just Another Lovely Sunday

Davis is showing off his walking moves
Cracking up at the nursery

Enjoying the Sunshine

Davis loves being outside and has recently started requesting to go outside by making noises and pointing at the front door. So we've gone on lots of walks and picnics lately which everyone (including Ella) seems to enjoy. There has also been significant progress in the teething department lately. Davis has two bottom teeth that are VERY visible now, and he has 3-4 teeth on the top just barely breaking through. Poor Davis has been in some pain over those top teeth lately, but they're going to be big and beautiful very soon. He's also making HUGE strides with his walking and can now walk alone pushing a cart. He's still hesitant, but very able. It's just a matter of time now before he gets the courage to take his first steps alone. We have the house 50% baby-proofed and need to put on a few final safety latches and furniture tethers and then we'll be ready for mobile-Davis. :) He's also continuing to eat very well and has broadened his menu lately. Now that we have an idea of what he likes and doesn't like (primarily anything Gerber brand), I've been experimenting with making our own baby food. So far he's liked about half of the foods I've made, with roasted blueberry and banana being his favorite. He's great about trying anything, but getting that second bite in is the telling part. With summer around the corner and a huge garden that's already seeded, we're hoping to expand his menu even more and find some new favorites.

Hiking with his friend Penelope

No more infant Carseat! He loves looking around while we drive now...much happier.

Sad guy after screaming through his morning nap. Thanks to those mean teeth.

Ella acting silly

Did you want to walk Ella?

Time to go home

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy First Birthday Davis!!!

I can't believe it's already been a year since that wild day one year ago when our cardiologist told me at my routine visit/scan that it was "go time".  Davis has been such an amazing little guy and has taught us so much about life and how to deal with the bumps gracefully. We had a wonderful day today celebrating his birthday. We met my parents and Katie and Zach at a local restaurant for lunch and then came back to our house for baby-friendly carrot cake and presents. It was a gorgeous day today so we were able to sit outside and celebrate in amazing weather. YAY! Jason was sadly sick and not able to join us and we definitely missed him.

Davis was very excited about his huge cake. We let him dig into it first, but he was very gentle and artistic about smearing the icing around. Kelly finally had to put some cake in his mouth for him. Then he loved it.
Sticky Kisses

Thanks for the bath toys uncle Zach!

Enjoying a ride in his new swing, with his new hat on (which he wasn't too thrilled about wearing)

With Nana and Papa
Trying out his new wagon. The Elmo balloon had to come along too.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Picnic, naps and general cuteness

The weather in Denver has been unseasonably warm lately, which we've been thoroughly enjoying. The flowers are starting to come up and bloom, the patios are full and there's a long line at Little Man Ice Cream you know it's warm out.  :) We took Davis out for his first picnic on Saturday and had a great time with him. He loved all the snacks, and playing with the grass. Hopefully we can do more of this in the coming warm weather.

We also had another milestone recently when Davis was going down for a nap and then rolled onto his belly (on his own) and fell asleep that way.  This is the first time he's ever wanted to lay on his belly, and a great sign that he's healing well and feeling so much more comfortable.

AND, here are a few funny Davis pics from recently...just because they're cute.  :)

He made this face a few times and then chomped on it like he was sneaking up on it or something and took several bites after that.