Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Picnic, naps and general cuteness

The weather in Denver has been unseasonably warm lately, which we've been thoroughly enjoying. The flowers are starting to come up and bloom, the patios are full and there's a long line at Little Man Ice Cream Parlor...so you know it's warm out.  :) We took Davis out for his first picnic on Saturday and had a great time with him. He loved all the snacks, and playing with the grass. Hopefully we can do more of this in the coming warm weather.

We also had another milestone recently when Davis was going down for a nap and then rolled onto his belly (on his own) and fell asleep that way.  This is the first time he's ever wanted to lay on his belly, and a great sign that he's healing well and feeling so much more comfortable.

AND, here are a few funny Davis pics from recently...just because they're cute.  :)

He made this face a few times and then chomped on it like he was sneaking up on it or something and took several bites after that.


Aunt Dee said...

WOW Davis great bunch of photos of you what a adorable little guy you are, love all the cute pics, love seeing you without oxygen. It is such fun seeing all the photo's since day one. Love Aunt dee

Amy said...

He is such a cutie! Happy 1st birthday to your amazing little boy tomorrow!