Monday, January 21, 2013

Going to the Zoo

We decided to spend this beautiful MLK holiday at the zoo with Davis. Thanks to aunt Holly and uncle Bret, we now have a zoo membership, so i'm hoping to take him a lot more often. Davis had so much fun, and was running lots, smiling a ton and even mimicking some of the animal noises. It sure is fun to watch him learn new things. Sadly, Kelly had to work, but Nana, Papa, Davis and I did our best to have enough fun for us all. Some of the highlights were seeing the baby Orangutan, watching the elephant bathe himself in snow to cool off, watching the seals swimming, and feeding nectar to the Lorikeets. It was a wonderful day all around.

Friday, January 18, 2013

One Year ago Today...

One year ago today we were sitting in MN waiting for Davis to come out of surgery. Looking back, i now see that this day would change our lives forever and would give Davis the chance he needed to grow and prosper. Dr. Dearani performed the Cone surgery, along with the Glen procedure and additional trimming of excess heart tissue in his right atrium. He basically got a new better functioning heart that would allow his body to grow by leaps and bounds. :) What a day that was. We feel so blessed and lucky to have such technology, such talented doctors and such a strong little guy to handle it all with ease. It's hard to remember those days when Davis was struggling to grow, tethered to O2, taking lots of meds and causing us much worry. Today, he's HUGE (27lbs) and actually towers over many other kids his age. He's talking up a storm (in his own toddler language), still signing like crazy, running everywhere, and he's finding his independence more and more daily. He's got a great appetite and we couldn't be any happier with the huge progress made in the last year. There are actually some days I forget that he has a special heart. That's a much appreciated lapse that i never thought i'd experience. So thank you to everyone who has prayed, who has kept us in your thoughts, who has supported us on this journey to better health. We really couldn't have done it without you all. Here are a few pictures of Davis these days. He LOVES my parent's new dog Lily and her giant new crate. He's a pretty funny guy. :)

And a blast from the past...

Just before we left for MN