Monday, January 21, 2013

Going to the Zoo

We decided to spend this beautiful MLK holiday at the zoo with Davis. Thanks to aunt Holly and uncle Bret, we now have a zoo membership, so i'm hoping to take him a lot more often. Davis had so much fun, and was running lots, smiling a ton and even mimicking some of the animal noises. It sure is fun to watch him learn new things. Sadly, Kelly had to work, but Nana, Papa, Davis and I did our best to have enough fun for us all. Some of the highlights were seeing the baby Orangutan, watching the elephant bathe himself in snow to cool off, watching the seals swimming, and feeding nectar to the Lorikeets. It was a wonderful day all around.

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Anonymous said...

Davis you rock, you are such a special guy, looks like a great day at the zoo. You look so healthy hard to believe a year ago you were so sick. Pretty soon a Birthday is coming are you ready little man. Love Aunt Dee