Thursday, March 21, 2013

Catching Up

I've neglected the blog for too long and now there's a lot to catch up on. We've had a few snow storms, grandma and grandpa Grimsley came to visit, we celebrated Davis's second birthday on 3/10, participated in the Alice radiothon at Children's Hospital where Davis and I were able to tell our story on live radio to help them raise money, and chose his outfit for the upcoming Little Hearts fashion show and luncheon which benefits Children's Hospital. Lots of good times, and lots of pictures to share.

Playing in the snow

Showing us how the digger works
Throwing snowballs at Evergreen lake while Daddy skates

Watching Daddy on the ice

Spending the day with Jason and Emily at the zoo

Elephant Poop!

Participating in the Alice Radiothon at Children's Hospital

Playing in the snow while daddy shovels the sidewalk

Showing me how the mask works after his cardiac MRI
Can you smell the skittles lip balm the Dr rubbed inside?

His new froggy digger is so beloved that it got to take a bath too

Playing with trains at the Children's Museum while grandma and grandpa were in town

Fun with puppets

Painting with grandpa

Learning to be a vet with grandma
Driving the fire truck with grandpa

The infamous chocolate digger cake. He LOVED it.

Gimme that cake!

The diggers were a huge hit

Playing in the snow at Nana & Papa's house

Finally riding on his sled. This made mommy very happy.

Snow angels with daddy

Fun at the zoo with grandma

He sure does love the elephant poop. He touches it and then cracks up.

Three generations

Loving his green smoothies

The runner up outfit for the upcoming fashion show. Stay tuned for pics.

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