Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Walkin' and Talkin'

Davis loves walking! He is becoming much more independent and prefers being on his own on the floor rather than in your arms. He loves cruising from room to room picking things up and bringing them back to show you. Most of the time he even puts the item back before grabbing something else. He is still pretty reserved, he wont try to go up or down stairs and often likes a helping hand just to go between different types of flooring. No attempts at trying to climb anything but enjoys opening drawers and emptying contents with over the shoulder tosses. After only saying 'Ella' for a month Davis has now expanded into 'Dada' and 'Mama.' He makes a variety of noises but we can't pick any other words out at this point. He has definitely turned into a 'little boy'. His favorite activities include playing with dirt, playing with trucks, poking things with sticks, and shoving his face full of food. But he does have a VERY sweet side as well, he loves to get kisses and will lean his face in towards you to let you know when he wants them.

I love bacon too!

Cool guy

Davis displaying his patriotism

Storing snacks like a chipmunk

Stylin' in Papa's fedora

Crashed out!

Monday, July 2, 2012

1st Camping Trip

It's official, Davis loves camping. We drove up to Kenosha Pass with Stephanie and Penelope for a quick one night camping trip on Saturday. It was a big deal for many reasons, Davis and Penelope's first tent camping, 1st time using our new family tent, first back-road outing with the Outback. I was expecting this area to be packed with people since it's the weekend before July 4th, but we were pleasantly surprised with very few people and our favorite spot with a view was available. It was great having Penelope there because she kinda showed Davis the ropes and helped him stay entertained. Because of all the local fires lately, there is a fire ban, but we still had a great time and definitely appreciated the cool fresh air for a night. We tried to let Davis get dirty and play with everything, and he seemed to enjoy the whole experience. He ate and slept great and I also enjoyed the close snuggles all night with Big D in my sleeping bag with me. He started in his own bag, but after a few hours he seemed to want out. But after joining me, he slept through the night and was in a great mood in the morning. We're all already looking forward to the next trip out.

Estes Park

After the big wedding, much of our family and out of town friends spent the week up in Estes Park at the Overlook Ranch. It was a spectacular week in the mountains and Davis had a blast hiking, seeing wildlife and running around the ranch house. After a beautiful yet busy wedding week, a vacation in Estes was just what the doctor ordered. It was really special seeing Davis get to know family and friends and form bonds together. By the end of the week he knew most people's names and would play with anyone.

Sleepy Hiker

Playing with Bisnonna and aunt cookie

Boating on Lake Estes with the summit

Uncle Jason sharing his massive brownie.

Zach & Katie's Wedding

WOW, we've been busy lately with tons of fun activities. And Davis has been keeping us on our toes with all his adventures and new skills lately too. His uncle Zach and aunt Katie were married on June 15th in Lyons CO. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding and Kelly and I were both in the wedding and able to walk Davis down the aisle. It was very special and he did a great job. At the rehearsal on Wed, he decided to unveil his master walking skills and spent the rest of the week perfecting his skills while we perfected our "chasing" skills at the same time. He did a stellar job at the rehearsal dinner in Boulder and was the perfect gentleman, ate a huge dinner and tried much of our fancy meal too. :) At one point I asked the waiter for some water in Davis's sippy cup. He brought it out in the center of a nice serving was hilarious. We all had a blast being with family from out-of-town and Davis did a great job getting to know everyone and letting family & friends hold him/chase him. In his opinion, the highlight of the weekend was meeting family, seeing Z&K get married, chasing bunnies at the reception and then dancing. :)

Rehearsal Dinner at Jill's

Interested in the Bananas Foster

Dancing with the bride/groom

Little party animal getting tired

Passed out on the way back to our hotel
Walking down the aisle