Monday, July 2, 2012

1st Camping Trip

It's official, Davis loves camping. We drove up to Kenosha Pass with Stephanie and Penelope for a quick one night camping trip on Saturday. It was a big deal for many reasons, Davis and Penelope's first tent camping, 1st time using our new family tent, first back-road outing with the Outback. I was expecting this area to be packed with people since it's the weekend before July 4th, but we were pleasantly surprised with very few people and our favorite spot with a view was available. It was great having Penelope there because she kinda showed Davis the ropes and helped him stay entertained. Because of all the local fires lately, there is a fire ban, but we still had a great time and definitely appreciated the cool fresh air for a night. We tried to let Davis get dirty and play with everything, and he seemed to enjoy the whole experience. He ate and slept great and I also enjoyed the close snuggles all night with Big D in my sleeping bag with me. He started in his own bag, but after a few hours he seemed to want out. But after joining me, he slept through the night and was in a great mood in the morning. We're all already looking forward to the next trip out.

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