Monday, July 2, 2012

Zach & Katie's Wedding

WOW, we've been busy lately with tons of fun activities. And Davis has been keeping us on our toes with all his adventures and new skills lately too. His uncle Zach and aunt Katie were married on June 15th in Lyons CO. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding and Kelly and I were both in the wedding and able to walk Davis down the aisle. It was very special and he did a great job. At the rehearsal on Wed, he decided to unveil his master walking skills and spent the rest of the week perfecting his skills while we perfected our "chasing" skills at the same time. He did a stellar job at the rehearsal dinner in Boulder and was the perfect gentleman, ate a huge dinner and tried much of our fancy meal too. :) At one point I asked the waiter for some water in Davis's sippy cup. He brought it out in the center of a nice serving was hilarious. We all had a blast being with family from out-of-town and Davis did a great job getting to know everyone and letting family & friends hold him/chase him. In his opinion, the highlight of the weekend was meeting family, seeing Z&K get married, chasing bunnies at the reception and then dancing. :)

Rehearsal Dinner at Jill's

Interested in the Bananas Foster

Dancing with the bride/groom

Little party animal getting tired

Passed out on the way back to our hotel
Walking down the aisle

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