Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

 Not only was it a long holiday weekend but it was also Mike and Katie's wedding.  They are long time friends of the Kotas family, especially Zach.  Davis slept through the ceremony and most of dinner.  He woke up just in time for the party to begin.  Davis rocked out to the music and spent a little time on the dance floor.  He danced with Chris, who was going through withdrawal from being away from his little girl Lucy.  This gave Mom and Dad a chance to get in a dance together.  There was a photo booth at the wedding so Davis went in for some pics with the family.  Congratulations to Mike and Katie!

Davis napping in dad's arms during the ceremony

Sweet kicks from uncle Jason

Sacked out at the cocktail hour

Friday, May 27, 2011

Lots of Firsts

We just dropped grandpa Grimsley off at the airport and I think Davis misses him already.  We had such a great time while he was here and Davis had a few "firsts" as well.  We spent an overnight in Evergreen with Davis, which he had never done before.  This also means he slept in a big crib for the first time up there, and he did great!  I thought he'd have a tough time sleeping in the big crib since he has only slept in the pack n' play so far.  But he didn't seem to mind at all and kept to his normal sleep schedule.  The next day we spent the day at Evergreen lake and Davis seemed to enjoy our walk around the lake and then just hanging out on the park bench with us while we took turns taking out the kayak for a lap.  That night we took Davis to his first Rockies game too.  It was a huge day for Davis.  He did phenomenal!  We laid him on my lap, looking back towards me, and he starred at the huge bright lights while sucking on his pacifier for 8 innings.  What a champ.  He was perfectly happy and really enjoyed the night.  He definitely found the bright lights more exciting than the game, but that's ok...whatever makes him happy.  We finally swapped out his pacifier for a bottle (which Kelly had warmed under his shirt for a few innings), which he took happily and then he slept in the carrier on our walk home.  I couldn't be more proud of our little guy.  Tomorrow we're taking Davis to his first wedding here in Denver as well so we're hoping that goes just as smoothly.  We'll keep the blog updated as all this happens.  Wish us luck!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Grandpa Grimsley is Here!

We're all excited about Grandpa Grimsley visiting for the week! Davis is loving all the attention and Ella could never have fathomed that so many treats could have possibly existed  :)  She is warming up very quickly to Grandpa. We're going for lots of walks, cooking yummy food together and just having a good time hanging out.   The entire Kotas family is coming by tomorrow night to visit and BBQ. Davis sure is lucky to have so many wonderful people to love him.  Davis is making more sounds, smiling more, and giving us some funny looks. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Cloth Diapering has Begun

We are running out of disposable diapers again, and neither of us want to continue spending money on more, so we're making the big leap.  The majority of the diapers we have say they fit 9lbs and up, so he's right there.  He obviously has room to grow!  He seems to like them so far, and we haven't had any major leaks yet.  The down side is that they are really bulky under his little NB clothes.  But that will get better as he grows into the larger clothes.  I really like the cloth wipes and lavender soap/oil solution and it smells so much better than the disposable wipes.  It's also nice knowing that there are no chemicals touching his body anymore.  :)  So far so good, wish us luck...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Happy Guy

This has been a pretty quiet week with Davis.  He's getting so big and acting more like a baby and less like a preemie every day.  Davis is a very happy baby most of the time, fussing only when he's letting us know he needs something.  He's also starting to make cute noises now which is adorable. I managed to catch this on video using my new iphone.  :)  I'm super excited to have such a great tool to capture all these sweet moments in his life.  Enjoy!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

On our own for a while

Today we had an apt with our cardiologist and all is well.  Davis had an EKG and general checkup and she is impressed with his weight gain and other stats.  So we were told we don't need to come back for a month, and to continue what we're doing.  At that next apt they will take him off the oxygen and if he can keep his O2 level above 85 we don't need to continue using it at home.  If this happens, i will ask to keep the portable unit in case we go into the mountains...just in case.  I couldn't be any happier with how well Davis is doing.  So we'll continue feeding him lots, and monitoring his heart twice a day.  Davis also had a great weekend of fun.  He attended his first BBQ at a friend's house, met lots of friends, hung out in Evergreen all day on Sunday and got LOTS of love/cuddles from the family. And today after our apt, I was able to get gas and go grocery shopping with Davis in tow.  This was a first for me on my own, and it went really well.  Davis slept most of the time and allowed me to get everything done.  What a guy.  It's nice to realize I can start doing some "normal" errands again without an entourage.  Another update for this week is that Davis seems to FINALLY be sleeping better.  The last two nights he only woke up once at about 2-3am.  This is a huge improvement and is allowing us to get a few hours of solid sleep at night which we're all enjoying.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Growing and doing great

Davis had another apt today with his pediatrician and they said he's doing great!  In fact after we wrapped things up they said we don't need to come back to their office for 2 months, which is awesome.  He's now 9 lbs and all other stats are good.  He had 3 immunization shots and one oral immunization, and only cried for a few seconds before he pulled it together and looked at us like "why did you do that to me?".  We have just this week started to put him into the cloth diapers we have, and he's now getting close to the point where we can use the cloth diapers exclusively.  Getting bigger is going to allow for this as well as using the carrier to go for walks and get things done around the house which will be a nice change.  We have gotten pretty skilled in doing things with one hand, but it's still quite limiting when you have to carry Davis everywhere.  He's getting better about sleeping, and is now averaging 3-4 hour stints of solid sleep.  Napping is a different story though, and he seems to know when we set him down no matter how solid his sleep seems to be.  Our best bet is using the swing chair, which usually gives us about 30 min or so before he wakes up and realizes we set him down...and then cries.  :)  What can I say...he likes to cuddle.  My favorite time of day with him is early in the morning when he starts to make cute noises in his pack n' play.  I then pick him up and cuddle with him in our big bed for a few hours before we both get up to eat breakfast.  He's so content and adorable in those morning hours.  So this week we'll continue working on feeding him as much as possible and enjoying our time together.  I only have 2 more weeks before I go back to work, so every moment is precious.

So Cute.  That silly cannula never seems to be in the right spot.

Blue Steel