Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Growing and doing great

Davis had another apt today with his pediatrician and they said he's doing great!  In fact after we wrapped things up they said we don't need to come back to their office for 2 months, which is awesome.  He's now 9 lbs and all other stats are good.  He had 3 immunization shots and one oral immunization, and only cried for a few seconds before he pulled it together and looked at us like "why did you do that to me?".  We have just this week started to put him into the cloth diapers we have, and he's now getting close to the point where we can use the cloth diapers exclusively.  Getting bigger is going to allow for this as well as using the carrier to go for walks and get things done around the house which will be a nice change.  We have gotten pretty skilled in doing things with one hand, but it's still quite limiting when you have to carry Davis everywhere.  He's getting better about sleeping, and is now averaging 3-4 hour stints of solid sleep.  Napping is a different story though, and he seems to know when we set him down no matter how solid his sleep seems to be.  Our best bet is using the swing chair, which usually gives us about 30 min or so before he wakes up and realizes we set him down...and then cries.  :)  What can I say...he likes to cuddle.  My favorite time of day with him is early in the morning when he starts to make cute noises in his pack n' play.  I then pick him up and cuddle with him in our big bed for a few hours before we both get up to eat breakfast.  He's so content and adorable in those morning hours.  So this week we'll continue working on feeding him as much as possible and enjoying our time together.  I only have 2 more weeks before I go back to work, so every moment is precious.

So Cute.  That silly cannula never seems to be in the right spot.

Blue Steel


Margaret said...

Cara and Kelly, Davis is absolutely beautiful. And 9 lbs.!!!! WOW! I'm so happy for you both that he's beginning to settle into a routine and you can get a few things done. Gee, I can remember those early morning cuddles with a little guy just a few years ago, myself. Enjoy each moment...little ones grow up SO quickly!! Love, A.M.

Anonymous said...

WOW Davis sounds like you are a good eater just like your PaPa, glad you are doing sooooo great. You get cuter by the day. Love ya
Aunt Dee

Mo said...

I can't believe how big he is getting! And SO expressive! Love the "blue steel" shot! :)