Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding Weekend!

 Not only was it a long holiday weekend but it was also Mike and Katie's wedding.  They are long time friends of the Kotas family, especially Zach.  Davis slept through the ceremony and most of dinner.  He woke up just in time for the party to begin.  Davis rocked out to the music and spent a little time on the dance floor.  He danced with Chris, who was going through withdrawal from being away from his little girl Lucy.  This gave Mom and Dad a chance to get in a dance together.  There was a photo booth at the wedding so Davis went in for some pics with the family.  Congratulations to Mike and Katie!

Davis napping in dad's arms during the ceremony

Sweet kicks from uncle Jason

Sacked out at the cocktail hour


Mo said...

What great photos!
Davis is such a stylish guy, too :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Davis you are lookin pretty cool in thse shoes your Uncle Jason got you. You are doing so great, becoming a traveling man, having a great summer. So happy for you little guy. God love and bless you. Aunt Dee