Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No More Oxygen!

Attaching the pulse oximeter to Davis' toe/foot has been a daily occurrence for us since his birth.  Although it's certainly not a normal thing to do, it had become our normal. Post surgery his blood oxygen levels have been steadily improving to the point where last week we had him on only 1/8 liter flow (just a whiff) and he was still showing 96% oxygen, which is perfect! So with our cardiologist's permission, we turned down the flow to 1/16th and were planning to wait one week and then take him off completely. The same day I turned it down, he yanked off the cannula 5 times. So I took that as a sign that he knew he didn't need it anymore and I removed the whole setup. I tested him twice more that day and his levels were still in the high 90s. We haven't looked back since and he's still at 94% off the machine! We're still waiting for the official OK to take Davis to higher elevation (even Evergreen), but I'm hopeful that will come soon. We'll keep the small portable O2 tanks for those trips just in case. Davis is also continuing to eat and sleep like a champ and as you can see in the photos below,  he's becoming quite the chunk lately.  This is a welcome change since it was so difficult for him to gain weight in the past. Goodbye Oxygen, and Hello Snack Time! I honestly can't believe we'll be celebrating his first birthday so soon (3/10), and am so very grateful for the fact that he now has a "fixed" heart and is off the O's. That's the BEST gift we could have ever asked for.

Holding hands with his friend Penelope

Having some Coke cake for Kelly's birthday was a hit.


Davis and Ella sharing a special moment


Amy said...

Big time YEA for Davis! So exciting that he's doing so well and is he ever getting CHUNKY! Such a cutie. I forgot his birthday is the same as my Kayla's. She will be 7 on March 10th. What a special day. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so, so happy by this great news! And I laughed out loud when I read that Mighty D was yanking off his cannula. It never fails that when intubated patients pull their own tubes they needed to be extubated 20 minutes ago. He knew. His healthy little upper and lungs are ready to move and shake! Congratulations.

Margaret said...

Happy upcoming birthday, chunky Davis!! What great news that you are no longer tethered to the oxygen tank! You are now free as a bird, as they say!! Happy soaring into year two!!

Aunt Dee said...

Yeah for you Davis, such a fighter, you have come a long way Mighty D, good job also goes to Mom and Dad, you have the best of the best. Pretty soon 1 year old, boy time sure flew,it seems just like yesterday you were born. Love You Aunt Dee

Anonymous said...

What good news! Thanks for sharing the happy moment and seeing Davis look so happy and healthy. All the best to all the Grimsleys as you prepare to celebrate Davis' 1st birthday.

Mrs. P