Sunday, February 19, 2012

Big Boy!

Davis now has two teeth! He's growing up so fast lately. It was no small accomplishment to get a picture, but I managed to snap a glimpse in the one below...YEAH! He's also been getting really fussy on walks in his infant carseat lately.  He was raising his head up like he wanted to see what was going on off to the sides.  So we decided it was time to try sitting him in the actual B.O.B. stroller seat with harness and all and facing forward.  He fit perfectly and didn't fuss as all! He has been doing great on the last few walks, stays really quiet and just checks out everything around us as we walk. He's getting to be such a big boy. :) I think all the food he's been eating is paying off.  I put him on our scale at home and it read 20 pounds this afternoon!
Check out those teeth!
Sitting up like a big boy in the stroller

Hanging out with uncle Jason


Anonymous said...

Mighty D you are lookin good with those teeth, all the better to bite you with. You are growing so fast, they must have given you grow powder in MN, since you have come home you are really growing fast. Aunt Dee

Margaret said...

Wow! 20 lbs!! That's wonderful. So glad all those extra calories are going to build strong bones and those two beautiful teeth!!