Friday, March 25, 2011

No Guts No Glory

It has been a relatively uneventful day today which for most of us might seem rather boring but for Davis is a good thing.  Its mainly been long naps followed by lots of eating followed by long naps once again.  The only excitement of the day was when the nurse taught Dad how to remove and place a new feeding tube through Davis' nose. There is a slight chance he will have to go home with the tube so someone had to show they could successfully insert a new tube and make sure it's in the right place.  That someone was not going to be Mom.  So after Dad was the bad guy Mom swept in and consoled her little guy as she does best.  The nurse told us it's not painful for Davis and only tickles the back of his throat and it might make his gag reflex respond slightly on the way down.  I'm not sure if Davis agrees with the nurse on this one, the amount of crying that ensued was not comparable to 'a tickle in his throat.'  But it needed to be done and it gets us one step closer to going home.  Speaking of the h-o-m-e word the doctors told us that they think they will be able to discharge us on Monday morning assuming all goes well through the weekend!!!  Nice work Davis, you and Dad stepped it up today bigtime...'no guts no glory' that's what Davis always says.


Margaret said...

Way to go Dad and Davis! I can just hear Mommy and Grannie Diana cheering for you both! Ca n we now call Dad Dr. Kelly? I'll be cheering for Davis going home on Monday!! A.M.

Maureen said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! THAT IS AWESOME NEWS!!! Way to go, Davis (and Kelly!)How excited are you all?!?!