Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Davis had a different plan

Apparently Davis had a plan of his own and didn't want to follow the good doctor's advice.  He had to be intubated again last night and is now back on the ventilator. Once they had him breathing on his own yesterday they closely monitored the gas levels in his blood.  His oxygen levels were looking good but his carbon dioxide levels steadily increased. This increase can cause issues in the bloods ability to effectively deliver nutrients to tissues throughout the body (perfusion).  So after about 7 hours of being on his own he is back on the ventilator and is resting soundly. The doctors were somewhat surprised since he had been doing so well after multiple tests off of ventilation.  However, this is not a major setback; he just showed us he wasn't quite ready to do it himself.  Later today they will begin tests again off of ventilation and we'll try to pull the tube again in a few days if Davis performs well.  This will give him a little more exercise for those lungs to strengthen.  The good news of the morning was his billirubin levels are low enough to remove him from the lights.  So now snuggles and kisses with Mom and Dad will be much easier. 


Pat Bidon said...

Davis -- you are sooooo cute ! I showed your pictures to 'the special prayer choir in Colorado Springs. To the men on Sunday; and the women today. They are still storming heaven with prayers for you, your mom and dad . . . and everyone who is caring for you.
Love, Deacon Pat and Sarah

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you guys are getting some snuggle time! Nothin' beats holding your baby.

Prayers to you all!
Heather Mierzejewski