Friday, March 18, 2011

Happiness is being held

Davis was pretty agitated with the cpap mask on his nose and was doing A LOT of squirming and pulling at the mask.  They had to re-situate the setup 2 times and then our awesome nurse had a better plan.  They pulled the mask off and put in a standard O2 nose setup, then put him in our arms to lay upright with mom/dad contact.  This immediately calmed him down and he's been now sleeping for several hours.  Kelly and I have been taking turns holding him, which is so much easier now that the ventilator tubes are gone.  The poor little guy just wanted to have that stupid mask off.  And then mom and dad time put him right to sleep.  They have checked his blood gas levels twice since extubation and all looks fine except a slightly high CO2 level.  But we're trying to keep the pacifier in to help that level go back down.  So far so good.

Look how cute i am more tape mustache!


Mo from Chicago :) said...

What a tough little guy but such a snuggler, too! Great day for the Grimsley family!! Hooray!

DANILA said...

Welcome Davis,
I'm sure that you can't wait to go home...a big hug to mum and dad, I'm far from you, but I'm near with heart and prayer.
DANILA (from Italy)