Monday, March 14, 2011

Davis finally has a voice

Today has been a great day.  Kelly and I got here early this morning and were able to visit with Davis for a while before the doctors did their rounds.  We sit in on the discussion when they come to our area to hear how things are going and what the plan is that day for Davis.  We were pleasantly surprised to hear that he continued to improve during every breathing trial (where they turn off the ventilator and let him do all the work) they did through the night and they were planning to remove his breathing tube today.  :)  They also felt his lungs are getting stronger daily and as he grows bigger his chest should allow more space for his lungs to work, which should make his breathing better and better over time.  His bilirubin levels are still too high (causes jaundice/yellowing of the skin) but coming down slowly.  So he has to stay under the bright lights for a day or two more.  So after a nice lunch with my mom, dad and Jason we came back to see Davis and got to see them remove his breathing tube.  Now Davis has a voice, raspy and gruff right now (due to the tube that was in there for the last 4 days) but a sweet little voice.  So far he's been crying very little and seems to take all this in stride for the most part. Kelly and I are thinking this will all make him a very sound sleeper once we get him home.  He can generally sleep through all kinds of activity here, and while the staff is messing with him a great deal.  So now he only has a c-pap machine pushing air into his nose with a little oxygen added.   This makes him look a little like he's an elephant, and is made even funnier when you add in the purple shades that he needs to wear while under the bright lights.  But at least his mouth is now open and free.  The Cpap and bright lights will only be on him for a few days and then he'll be relatively free.  Of course he'll still be hooked up to some cords and IV lines for medicine to be delivered, but we're looking forward to seeing his eyes again and hearing his voice more.  I was able to hold him for an hour last night when he got approval to get our from under the lights for a while.  It was awesome and he seemed to love it as well.  It's crazy how something so simple like holding your newborn baby can be such a special treat. 
Last night while I was holding him
Davis getting his echo scan
Davis after his breathing tube was removed
Visiting after they hooked up the cpap machine and put his shades back on.  Back to the bright lights!


Sunny said...

His story is just so miraculous. I love this little fellow and can't wait to meet him. I think of him and you guys so often through the day.

So happy to hear he has the breathing tube out and you've been able to hear his little voice. Just think, one day soon you'll be wishing for peace and quiet! ;-) Ha!

Love you guys tons.

Sunny said...

PS..."Sunny" is Aunt Theresa!

randy said...

I think that's a GRIN in the "tube's out" picture!
What a super little guy...and I know hes' glad to be held by mom. Love, Cathy (and Randy)

Graham said...

Thank you so much for sharing this amazing journey with us! It has been so inspiring to watch both of you step gracefully into parenting and what a little trooper Davis has been! I love the elephant picture, he is looking so great. We are saying lots of prayers for all of you :)

Amanda said...

That was from Mandy :)

Dee said...

Thank you for sharing Davis's day to day progress I so look forward to these updates each and everyday and continue to pray from him. Dee

Charis Lyon said...

So happy for the good news! Keith and I think of you all often each day. Thanks for the frequent updates! Love Charis