Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy one week birthday for Davis

Today has been fairly uneventful, but in the CICU world that is a great thing.  We started off the day by learning that he had done well on his support trials, and that he slept well through the night.  The plan for today was to continue the support trials throughout the day in 2 hour intervals, and ramp up the feedings through the day.  They decided not to extubate today so he'd have another day to exercise his lungs and get more nourishment in the hopes that they can extubate tomorrow with good results.  The last thing we want is to have to re-intubate again as this is very traumatic for him and us and is a definite setback in his progress.  It usually takes a full day for him to recover from something like that and get his levels back to normal.  So we're keeping our fingers crossed that he's prepared and ready for breathing on his own tomorrow.  Also, the 48 hour cultures they were growing all came back negative for infection/bacteria.  So he's officially off the antibiotics and in the clear on that front. This afternoon Kelly was able to hold Davis for a while and seemed to love the bonding did Davis.  Grandma and Grandpa Kotas are also here this afternoon soaking up their Davis time as well.  He's getting lots of love today.  :)   This is also his one week birthday as of 6:05 MST, so we sang to him while he slept like a log.  Tomorrow could be a big day for him, so we're hoping he continues to do well on his support trials, get some good sleep and prepare himself for a bit more independence in the morning.
Tiny feet with his name/ID tag, blood pressure cuff and blood oxygen sensor taped to his foot.

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dee said...

Happy late Birthday Davis, you get cuter by the minute. Dee