Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Several milestones for Davis

Aside from mom and dad being sleep deprived, all is going well at the Grimsley household. Davis has made some big steps in the right direction this week.  His umbilical cord has fallen off, which means we can now give him a "real" bath.  :)  So last night Kelly and I officially bathed him and he LOVED it!  He was very unhappy at first, being exposed and chilly.  But as soon as Kelly started pouring the warm water over him he instantly calmed down and looked extremely relaxed.  I think he's going to take after his dad in having a huge love of water.  I know Kelly's mom always says that he loved baths when he was a child and they called him "a fish" when they'd go to the beach because he wouldn't ever want to come out of the water.  :)  We also had our first appointment with the cardiologist at Children's hospital since Davis was born. Because he's gaining weight and looking so healthy, they decided to pull out his feeding tube!  It's so nice to have one less thing taped to his face now.  We still have him on the oxygen until he's able to keep his blood oxygen levels up high enough on his own, but he's not far off, so hopefully that won't be too much longer.  Davis seems to be a very happy baby so far, and just wants to be held constantly.  As soon as we set him down he starts to fuss, but can be immediately calmed down by simply picking him up. He's a very cuddly guy!  He's still not sleeping very well at night, but I think this has more to do with his need for so many calories right now, and needing to feed so often.  But we're certainly looking forward to the time when he can sleep for several hours in a row.  Till then, the night time vigil will continue.
Davis without his feeding tube and extra tape on his face

He was actually holding his own bottle!

Super relaxed after the warm water was poured on him

Kelly giving Davis a rinse


Anonymous said...

Davis you just get cuter by the minute, what progress he has made in less than a month, it is truely a miracle, he is just the cutest little guy, good to see him without the feeding tube, you are all so blessed to have him in your life. Dee

Margaret said...

What a handsome little guy!! I can only imagine how proud of him you must be. The bath photos are so cute. Kelly looks like a real pro! Isn't it amazing how your life can change just overnight!! Hang in there. The bigger Davis gets, the longer he'll be able to go between feedings. I bet by six weeks you'll be catching some really nice zzzzzzzzzz's. :-)

Anonymous said...

well done kiddo!!!

Anonymous said...

He looks like a happy, well-fed puppy with that big ole' belly! (Obviously, I have no hairless children for reference). So glad all is well, hopefully you both will get some solid hours of sleep soon.