Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Moving right along

Life with Davis continues to provide new challenges and LOTS of joy.  Kelly and I are still getting far too little sleep, but things are slowly getting better.  We have figured out how to split up the night coverage between us to provide maximum sleep for us both, and Davis seems to be slowly figuring out that night = sleep time.  He's currently sleeping about 3 hours at a time which is a big improvement from the initial 30 minutes or so.  We had another apt with the cardiologist at Children's on Tuesday and they said he's looking really good.  He is now 7lb 4oz, and they seemed very happy with all his progress.  We're still trying to find the perfect diet for him, and are currently working on giving him formula fortified bottles 4 times a day in addition to breast feeding.  These heart babies tend to burn more calories than normal, so need a little extra boost to maintain proper growth.  The good news is that Davis seems to be fairly insatiable and doesn't care if he gets a bottle, breast, breast milk or formula.  So i think we're going to be able to fatten this kid up pretty quickly.  I've been noticing small changes in his personality as well.  He LOVES the bath, so we're giving him a bath more often just to soothe him.  And just today he really interacted with a musical giraffe toy I put next to him. (thanks aunt Maureen)  He was laying there content, and once I put the toy next to him he turned his head to look at it, stared at it for a really long time and was touching it's face the whole time.  It was interesting to see him really notice the toy and show interest.  His official due date was April 11th, so maybe now that he's "full term" age, we'll start seeing more progress and change in his personality.  I can't wait.  We're looking forward to more interaction, reading him books, and eventually teaching him how to cook  :)  So this is a small step in the right direction.  He's a cuddly little guy.  He's absolutely content and usually sleeping as long as he's being held.  But trying to wake him up is nearly impossible...unless we lay him down.  Then he wakes up quickly...telling us he'd rather be held.  So far this has been a pleasure and I'm just giving him what he wants.  Luckily, he still sleeps well on his own at night.  I think the carriers are going to be right up his alley once he's big enough to use those.  I can't wait. Oh're just amazing.
The many faces while getting a bath


Margaret said...

Absolutely adorable!! You have so many wonderful "ah" moments to look forward to!!

Maureen said...

Yea! I am so happy Davis likes his baby giraffe! He is getting so big! Way to go, Davis!!

Cathy said...

Davis...just wait 'til you get to know your parents even better...they are the most amazing people in the world, not to mention the cooking thing and humor thing they have going on! Love you, kiddo...Cathy, Randy, and Kris

Anonymous said...

Davis the only thing that I have to
say is you are the greatest
Easter Blessing and miracle for your parents and your whole family.
Love you little guy, you get cuter each week. Aunt Dee