Friday, April 22, 2011

Rush Rush Wait

So we finally made it out of the CICU, but unfortunately it's not to go home.  We're back up on the 9th floor for a few days before they're planning to release us.  The electrophysicist decided not to do the electrode test on Davis and opted to double his beta-blocker dose instead.  So they started that higher dose today and want to monitor him to be sure this doesn't drop his heart rate too low, allow other irregular rhythms to occur, or cause any other side effects. But if this doesn't work, we'll be back...and they'll probably want to switch him to a different/stronger drug that will have more side effects.  So we're keeping our fingers crossed that this double dose of Propranalol will do the trick.  Other than this, there is really not much going on.  We're just hanging out with Davis in our private room, and waiting.  They are now saying that maybe Sunday we will be discharged.  So my goal is to convince them to release us as early as possible so we can still make it to Jason's loft for the family Easter dinner.  If not, I think the family will be coming here for a holiday celebration in the cafeteria.  Either way it will be fun to be together.  Davis may be tiny, but he calls the shots around here.  :)
Hanging out on the 9th floor


Anonymous said...

Everyday I find moments where thoughts of all of you inspire prayers. Just checked in and I'm sending many more thoughts your way. Peace. John B.

Tiffany Ann said...

Praying for you all today and for an early release for Easter.

Anonymous said...

Daily prayers continue, as always! Among the MANY reasons that Davis is so blessed to have his mom and dad is the positive attitude and strength of you both!Take care and be sure that the Easter Bunny finds our new best friend Davis!!

randy, Cathy and Kris

Anonymous said...

Will have you in my prayers everyday, praying for early release. You are right for someone who can't talk yet, he sure calls the shots, look out when he starts talking, you guys will be in big trouble. Love and blessings to you all - Aunt Dee