Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Growing, growing, growing

Davis has had a great week full of eating, sleeping, growing and making a lot of dirty diapers.  :)  We have been working hard on his feeding, giving him more fortified bottles and lots of breast feeding to get him optimal calories.  We felt like things were going pretty well and thought we saw some weight gain just by looking at Davis.  So yesterday we had our apt with the cardiologist at Children's and they confirmed that he had gained 29 grams/day last week!  That's a huge jump from the week before when he was gaining 13 grams/day.  He now weighs 7lbs 8oz, and is following the growth curve just as they'd like him too. So they were very pleased with his progress and told us to just keep doing what we were doing.  I asked them about his oxygen and what the long term plan was for that.  Basically, they like to keep that going for the first 3 months of his life, to support his lung growth in this critical time.  So, one more month to go!  And they also gave us the green light to take him up to Evergreen for short visits (a day), which is great news.  We'll have to turn up the oxygen he's getting to take him to elevation, an they said not to stay there for more than a day or so since this will put added stress on his lungs.  But at least we know this is an option.  We are already looking forward to taking Davis to grandma/grandpa's house to show him the woods, the stream, and all the fun stuff he has up there.  This will also provide a nice escape for Kelly and I...a change of scenery...and an opportunity to spend more time with grandpa and nana.  We also had an apt with the audiology dept yesterday to check Davis's hearing.  This is typically done to all children before they leave the hospital, but with all the other stuff going on, this never happened.  The test was about 10 min, and he had to be asleep.  They put little electrode stickers behind each ear and one on his forehead and monitored his brain waves as the played sounds in his ears.  He passed with flying colors, and seems to hear perfectly.  YEAH!!!  Its amazing that Davis is already 5 weeks old, and doing so well.  He has been enjoying his baths, playing on his toy mat and of course getting lots of cuddles and kisses. 
Davis taking his audiology test
One of his very uncomfortable looking sleep positions

Nap time

Strike a sleeping pose


Margaret said...

So happy for you that Davis is growing so well. And what great news that he has the green light to travel to Nana and Grandpa's house. A road trip will do everyone good, I'm sure. Thanks for the weekly updates. It's so nice to get the good news from you each week.

Dee said...

Hurray for Davis, it is so good to
hear that he is doing so awesome, he is quite the little guy (or should I say big guy now). Love to
you and blessings - Dee