Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Waiting Game

We dropped our little man off with the doctors this morning and actual surgery started at 9:16am local time.  We expect him to be in there another 3-4 hours but will be getting updates along the way.  The staff has been amazing. We have done all that we can and it is out of our hands now.

Here is a picture of Davis this morning right before heading into surgery.  Cord in hand to keep him soothed, as usual.


Mo Donovan said...

Love you guys!! He is a strong little man & in great hands!

Curtis said...

Lookin' good, little man. Lots of prayers and good vibes from Colorado.

Randy and Cathy said...

He da MAN! Love and prayers to one and all. Back here in Maryland, the Gaithersburg Presbyterian Church Wednesday Prayer started the session (as usual) with special prayers for Davis and his very special parents,
as well as all family members. Take care and prayers continue.

randy and of course Cathy

The Savage's said...

Thoughts and prayers to all of you. Meg and I have been thinking of the little guy all morning.

Travis and Meg

Brenna Hall Hessler said...

What a difficult thing, to "let-go" of your baby. Thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and the doctors!