Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ready Set Go!

Well, we're all packed and ready to fly out tomorrow morning for MN.  It's crazy how fast everything seems to be moving, but i think it's for the best...keeps us busy.  The next three days will be life changing for us all and we're excited and nervous at the same time.  We've had a nice, calm day at home today and Davis seems in great spirits.  Wish us luck and please keep checking back for more updates.


Amy Lopez said...

Cara, I am thinking of you often and praying for Davis's surgery tomorrow. Take care.

Aunt Dee said...

Cara,Kelly and Davis I am praying that God will send his blessings and guide the surgeons hands, and praying for his angels to surround the three of you, to give you comfort and strength. Also praying for Davis's surgery to be a huge success. Love Aunt Dee