Thursday, January 19, 2012

No More NO

Today was a good day of progress.  Our main goal for Davis was to wean him off the nitric oxide (needed to expand his pulmonary vasculature and improve his oxygenation) so they can then remove his breathing tube tomorrow morning (extubate).  So they slowly lowered his NO levels all day and then removed the machine all together around 6:00pm.  His levels are still looking great, so we're on schedule to extubate in the morning once all the docs are back (just in case).  They're keeping Davis sedated while the breathing tube is in place, so it's been fairly quiet and peaceful today...which is great so Davis can relax and rebound from the surgery stress.  Today he's a little puffy with extra fluid which is normal after surgery and being on the heart/lung bypass machine.  So they're also working on getting the fluid off before they extubate tomorrow.  Other than that, he's been very stable and quiet.

In other news, we finally got a room at the Ronald McDonald house just one block away from the hospital.  We're so excited to be there and have a consistent and luxurious place to stay till we fly home.  WOW, what an amazing place.  They couldn't be any nicer, or more accomodating and we feel so lucky to have a room there.  We just got the tour and can't believe how nice everything is.  We have a sleep number queen sized bed, a large beautiful room, we received a hand stitched quilt and stuffed frog for Davis, they have HUGE beautiful granite topped kitchens we can use, free food/snacks/keurig coffee, game room, craft room, lots of laundry facilities, and they also provide soap/shampoo/lotion etc if we need it. Honestly, I can't say enough about how nice everything there is and how excited we are to be staying there.

Lastly, the X-ray below shows Davis's chest pre-surgery (on the right) and post surgery (on the left).  I think it's fairly obvious that his heart is now MUCH smaller and his lungs can actually expand now.

Image on the left is from this morning. Heart is lighter color in chest, lungs are dark. You can see the wires holding together his sternum and all the tubes, pacemaker (bottom left) still in place.   

Davis this morning

The Ronald McDonald House (in nicer weather)


Cathy and Randy said...

First paragraph...a whole lot of big words in there! Did you ever think you'd have to develop this specialized vocabulary?!
Second paragraph...Well, I guess I know who one of my new charities to donate to will be!
Good to see how well you two are hanging tough! We're all still out here leading the cheers for all.
(The word verification I was told to type in is "unsuffer.)

Margaret said...

Your new digs sound pretty sweet. And I'll have to agree with Cathy and Randy...Ronald's house will be on my charity list for sure in Davis' honor! Cara, I think you could probably get a few credits for med school by the time Davis' stay is all finished. The x-rays are truly amazing. I told you you better start working out, 'cause you're going to have to be moving pretty fast to keep up with him when those lungs get up to capacity!! I'll be cheering for his progress...step by step!

Molly Michalski said...

thanks for the updates...he looks great, and those x rays are!!!! Love Ronald McDonald House...they are a blessing...I will be sure to keep donating to them so more families can have the comfort and peace you all can find there. Many prayers for the road to recovery and thanks for the blog. :)

Ryan McEwan said...

Thanks for posting these updates. It is a really kind thing for you to do in the midst of all this.

Those x-rays are absolutely astounding!!

Anonymous said...

Thinking of all of you. John B.

Anonymous said...

Those x-rays are amazing, what a huge difference. I must check this blog a hundred times a day. Davis you are doing so good, will continue to pray for you. Love you Aunt Dee