Friday, December 23, 2011

We have a date

We got a call from Dr. Dearani's office and Davis's heart surgery is scheduled for Wed, January 18th.  We're gearing up for the trip, the surgery and everything that goes along with it.  Thank you for all your prayers and warm wishes. 

Meanwhile, we're preparing for Davis's first Christmas and are getting in the holiday spirit.  He seems to love all the twinkling lights and festive music.  Davis is such a trooper and truly doesn't seem to be acting any differently despite his large heart.  He's still in love with his O2 cord and is excited about tasting all sorts of new foods.  So far, blueberry yogurt is his favorite but he also loves all veggies he's tried so far as well.  The thing he hates most is apple sauce, which seems so strange to me, but I think it's more about the consistency than the flavor.  We'll just keep trying new things. 

Merry Christmas to everyone and a very happy new years.  2012 may just be our best year yet...with our heart healthy, happy, handsome baby boy.

Enjoying an asparagus snack

Playing with his O2 cord

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Aunt Dee said...

Davis I will pray hard for you, you are a little angel from heaven and your guardian angel will be with you all the way, you are a tough little guy and sooooooooooo handsome, love you so much, hope you had a great first Christmas and lots of presents, I know that Santa was good to you because you are a great boy. Love Aunt Dee