Monday, December 19, 2011

It's GO Time.

Well, we got the official call today that Davis needs his valve surgery in January. His heart is getting larger and the cardiologists here in Denver think it's time. Best to go into surgery while he's healthy, before things start to go bad. So the process has been started and we're just waiting for the surgery date next week from the Mayo Clinic in MN where it will be done.
I have mixed emotions about all this happening so soon.  On one hand it's great that he's made it so far without any surgical intervention and he's certainly better prepared now than he would have been in his first few weeks of life.  And he's getting the cone surgery; done by Dr. Dearani at Mayo, which is what we've always hoped for and will in effect "fix" his heart, so that's all great news.  But he's still so small and vulnerable that it scares me a lot.  They've done this surgery on infants before, but always say it's preferable to do it when kids are a bit older (2-9 years old) since their hearts are larger.  But we are in the best hands possible and i can't help but feel that we're doing all we can and the rest is out of our hands.  So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers mid-January. 
Video of Dr. Dearani talking about Ebstein's Anomaly

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Randy and Cathy said...

Let the prayers begin...not that we've ever stopped.
We watched the doctor's sure sounds as if Davis is in for some (more) good care. Love you all...the Olney Lyons