Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some good news and some bad

Well, Davis had a pretty good visit with the cardiologist today.  He now weighs 10lbs 10oz and is 23in long.  On the premature male growth charts, that puts him in the 40th percentile.  On the full term male growth charts he's in the 4th percentile, but at least he's on the chart!  The doctor and nutritionist both praised us for all our hard work and said he's looking great.  The bad news is that he has a cough that seems to be getting worse.  So he had 2 chest x-rays which showed a little fluid in his abdomen.  Dr. Jone didn't seem too alarmed by this but told us to give him an extra dose of lasix (which flushes out fluids) tonight.  His blood oxygen levels were also hovering around 80, which is too low (should be around 90).  She said this is probably due to him fighting this virus and told us to up his oxygen level for a while to compensate.  His two medication prescriptions were also raised due to his increased weight.  So we don't have to go back for another month, but now we're fighting off this virus which I seem to have also caught.  Chances are that Kelly will have it soon as well.  It was great to have both my parents at the appointment with us today and they provided lots of support.  When we finally finished up, we met Jason for lunch in the cafeteria which is always nice and we all laughed histerically together.  Davis was such a good baby throughout the entire day, and then slept through our lunch.  :)  What a guy.  So now we're just focusing on getting him feeling better and then long term, getting off the oxygen.  But no one seems to be in any rush to do that since it's really supporting his lung function for now.  Wish us luck!


Margaret said...

Well, the good news was pretty good, I'd say. And...the bad news sounds like a temporary setback. Hope your virus heals quickly, Cara. So glad Nana and Gramps could be there with you. And I can just hear the laughter at lunch with Uncle Jason there to cheer everyone up. Hang tough!

Mo said...

Thanks for keeping us updated. Sending lots of love & healthy vibes your way! xo - Mo

Anonymous said...

PRAYERS CONTINUE while wishing you luck and and sending good wishes and LOTS OF LOVE TO ALL!!!

randy and of coursde cathy

Anonymous said...

Hey Davis you beter get well quick.
Your NaNa showed me your picture you sure are a cutie, and a happy camper. Get well soon,lots of prayers coming your way always and ever. Love Aunt Dee