Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back to His 'Old' Self

After a tough week of the whole family being sick, we're trying to get healthy again.  We all got the same bug that Davis had, which gave us a bad cough and lots of fun.  Luckily, Davis is back to being himself again and Mom and Dad are nearly there.  Since coming out of his sickness he has had a voracious appetite.  I don't know where he puts all that milk! As you can see from the pictures Davis is now smiling up a storm.  He has been very happy and is making a larger variety of sounds.  He is most interactive when you put him on the bed in our bedroom and loves the whale sounds on his soothing sounds sheep. He has been having a great time spending some of his days with Nana while mom is at work.  Davis has been showing her how to navigate the neighborhood on their walks and is working with her on becoming an expert in parallel parking.


Margaret said...

Absolutely adorable! know...a picture is worth a thousand words, so Davis is really talking up a storm!! You can certainly tell how happy he is. Way to go, Davis!

Aunt Dee said...

Glad to hear you are well again, you get cuter by the minute. Such a great smile.