Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Davis has a new favorite thing....DIGGERS! He's totally obsessed, requests to go look for them everyday and uses his self made sign for them regularly. I was at Kohls the other day and found two digger shirts on the clearance rack...SCORE! He adores them and yesterday wore the one in the picture and proceeded to point to the digger on his shirt and make the sign for them all if showing me "Did you see this cool digger on my shirt?!" Plus, Kelly came home with the little digger toy to compliment his new shirt and I've never seen him so happy. He's adorable.
Showing off his digger shirt while playing with his new favorite digger toy. He was in heaven!

Hanging out with the giant bear at the Children's Museum

Playing with the recycled race car we made at the children's museum

I saw this on our walk the other of the last leaves on the tree and a perfect red heart. Love it.

Has anyone seen Davis's hands?

Throwing the ball for Ella. He's got a pretty good arm!

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