Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Playing in the sun

The weather is getting hot and Davis is loving the outdoors. If he had his way we'd never go inside. I'm getting VERY excited about taking him camping as that seems to be the culmination of all his favorite things lately. But for now, staying in town is providing plenty of fun new activities. Davis loves watering the plants, with the hose or the pink elephant watering can. He's actually getting really good at it and can water several plants in a row without making any mess at all. He's quite the clown sometimes and i love it when i can catch his funny faces on camera. Nana recently got him a baby pool and a crab sandbox, which he's very excited about! So now the back yard is officially a fun place to spend the day. We have also been spending some time up at Jason's new house where they have an amazing in-ground pool and garden/backyard. It's like stepping into a resort and Davis couldn't love it any more than he does. When we go over there, he goes straight for the pool and does everything he can to get into that water. He's definitely a fish like his dad and thanks to Jason and Dave, we now have a special private place to swim anytime. I think this is going to be a wonderful summer.

Spending some QT with uncle Scott while he's in town on his way out West.

Starting him early

Little Man...Big Man

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