Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wedding in the Windy City

Last weekend we took a fun trip out to Chicago for a college friend's wedding. This was the third trip we've taken with Davis and just as before, he did a great job. With a little milk, some snacks and a few long naps, we were landing already and he was waking up to experience the big city. Nana traveled with us to watch Davis while we were at wedding activities which was an amazing help and made Davis feel much better about mom and dad being gone at night. We stayed in a beautiful hotel downtown and had a wonderful time. It was so great to see college friends and introduce Davis to their kids. On our last day we drove to see bisnonna (my grandma) and see family in town. Davis adapted pretty well to all the changes in location & nap schedules. He was a bit more attached to me than normal, but I always look forward to extra Davis cuddles. When we got back to our house in Denver, it was sunny and warm and Davis was visibly excited to be back at home...and to see Ella again.


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