Sunday, September 18, 2011

Davis Does the East Coast

We've spent the last week traveling with Davis and showing him some of our old stomping grounds back in MD and VA.  We flew into Baltimore and spent some time with Kelly's parents, sister, niece and nephew, and several family friends. Then we drove 6 hrs south to the Outer Banks of NC, Corolla specifically and spent a week down there with Kelly's family.  There were many firsts for Davis (the flight, seeing the ocean, being out of CO, meeting cousins/family, etc), and he did great at every step.  He slept through most of the flights there and back, and only cried a few short times.  He took the long drive in stride and again slept for the majority of the trip.  The ocean was beautiful as always and we had perfect weather.  Davis was amazed with the ocean and loved putting his feet in the water and wanted to touch everything.  He loved meeting Sydney and Josh (his cousins) and we had a great time seeing all the cousins together.  I think the highlight for Davis was swimming in the pool, where he truly seemed to come to life.  As soon as we put him in the water he started kicking and moving around like he already knew how to swim.  :)  He starred at the water and we had to force him to get out so we could warm him up, but he just wanted to go back in!  I think he may have some swimming lessons in his near future.  Another huge highlight for Davis was that he didn't need oxygen at sea level.  We had a portable oxygen concentrator that we used for the flights, but when we got to the Grimsley's house, we tested his levels and he was doing great without the machine, so we were able to keep him off O2 the entire time.  That was such a great gift for us all, and it was wonderful to see Davis free of all cords and comfortable for a while.  Putting the canula back on was tough on us all, but he seems to have adjusted well and doesn't seem to mind it anymore.  Just the standard yank here and there.  Overall, we all had a great vacation and are glad to be home and getting back into our old routines.

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Hey Davis I love you - Aunt Dee