Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oxygen is our friend

Davis and I had an apt with his cardiologist D. Jone yesterday and all
went well.  He had an echo (ultrasound of his heart), an EKG, they
weighed him, checked his height and O2/blood pressure.  He's still
12lbs 2oz (same as last week at the pediatrician), and 24.25" long.
This is a little more than last week, but the height testing is pretty
open for error, so it's probably still the same.  His O2 levels were
great (high 80s/low 90s), but Dr. Jone wants to keep him on the oxygen
since his heart is pumping blood left to right and right to left,
meaning that he still has high pressure in his lungs.  The blood
should only be going left to right, so till that is the case, he's
staying on the O2.  I didn't realize this was a factor and was all
excited when I saw his numbers looking good.  But in the end, we want
what's best for Davis, so it's ok.  I just hope he's off the O2 before
he starts really crawling.  My next apt is in another month, so we'll
see what things look like then.  She also said his growth is looking
great, and didn't even want me to meet with Paige, the nutritionist.
:)  Everything else looked good and she said he's doing great, as are
Kelly and I with his care.  It was a nice visit and Davis was awake,
alert and very happy (smiling and talking ) the whole visit.

Davis and I waiting for his apt...and trying to wake up.

Getting his Echo.  He was very interested, holding the cord, looking at the screen, smiling and talking a ton.  :)

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Anonymous said...

Well Davis that is a huge yawn, oh by the way I am yawning as I am writing this they are contagious you know. Sounds like you are still doing great, keep up the good work, we are all pulling for you. You are just the best little guy luv ya - Aunt Dee